Wednesday 15 December 2004

Where the money went

I paid my first visit to the new Parliament building last night and I must say that I was impressed with the interior. And so I should be: the front desk cost more than my flat! I liked the extensive use of wood and both the debating chamber and the committee rooms were spectacular. It's such a pity that what actually goes on in the building is so disappointing and both of the two taxi drivers I used had sound views on politicians, taxation and political correctness. The entrance area that contains the £88,000 desk seemed somewhat gloomy and reminded me of a Paris Metro station. Apparently, more lighting will be installed once the remaining "snagging" work is complete. One of my party asked a workman what he was doing. The reply: "I not know. I no speaka da English." Labour outsourcing was evident elsewhere: the waiting staff were Australian, as was the wine. When leaving, I spotted a cash machine and asked an MSP if it was the only one in the country that took money instead of giving it out.

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David Farrer said...

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David Farrer
Arthur's Seat.

16 December 2004, 05:51:17 GMT
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Somewhat off topic but what is the large hill,perhaps a block or two behind the Parliament building and gives a great view of the old city, called? I rather enjoyed the walk and the view up top that hill while I visited Edinburgh.

16 December 2004, 02:25:13 GMT
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David Farrer
I agree. The wine and the staff were excellent.

15 December 2004, 17:49:38 GMT
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Well I hope that you were not surprised at the foreign wine. Global warming has not progressed so far yet that viniculture is possible in Scotland. Thank goodness. 
Let us raise a grapey, antipodean toast to the free movement of goods, services, capital, labour and goodwill to all men. It is what makes us rich.

15 December 2004, 17:14:25 GMT